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Protect your property

Seawalls for Lakefront Homes

Prevent erosion at your waterfront property.

Protecting Your Home Through Expert Workmanship and Service​

Lakefront Home Seawall Construction in Omaha or Fremont


Outback Construction builds durable seawalls and retaining walls to shield your property from erosion and water damage, ensuring long-term safety.


Their seawalls not only secure your property but also enhance its aesthetic appeal and potentially increase its market value.


Customized designs include features like stairs, maintaining beach access while offering robust protection.


Renowned for exceptional workmanship, Outback Construction guarantees quality in every project, leaving your property protected and well-maintained.

Why you seawall in omaha needs outback construction

If you have lakefront property in Fremont or Omaha, a seawall or retaining wall may need to be installed to ensure that your home and property doesn’t suffer from damage caused by erosion. Constructing a seawall doesn’t only protect your home from erosion damage it also may increase the value of your lakefront home. If you are worried about not being able to utilize the beach on your property, have no fear, we can build you a seawall that has stairs so you can still access your beach. Lakefront retaining wall construction provides a strong barrier between the water and your lakefront home in case of increasing water levels as well as continual water erosion.

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Improve Home Appearance

Omaha Retaining Wall Construction & Installation | Prevent Flooding

Lakefront seawall installation in Omaha not only protects your home from erosion, but these retaining walls will also improve the appearance of your home. Our lakefront seawalls are custom built to match the appearance of your home to create a seamless fit with your lakefront home. Our lakefront home retaining wall construction projects in Omaha and Fremont are typically completed within a few days and afterward, you can rest easy knowing your home is now protected with a beautiful new lakefront home seawall. In the end, you will have a new lakefront feature that will protect your home for years or even decades to come.

Contact Outback Construction For All of Your Lakefront Home Seawall Construction in Omaha or Fremont. Work With The Best To Get The Best Protection.

Protecting Your Home Through Expert Workmanship and Service

We work to ensure that the seawall installation on your Omaha lakefront home will both protect your home for years to come as well as look great. No one wants to deal with the harmful effects of erosion. If left unchecked your property could be slowly destroyed and can even damage your home. But with expert lakefront home seawall construction from Outback Construction, you can rest easy knowing that your home is protected for years or even decades to come. As the top retaining wall construction and installation company in the Omaha area, we provide a 100% workmanship guarantee. No matter what, we give your property the respect it deserves and always leave it neat and clean.

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