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Park And Commercial Lake Services

Marinas - Lakes

We provide concrete seawall and dock construction services for park lakes in Omaha and Fremont. We can transform a commercial lakefront property with a new dock, seawall, or reshape the beach with our barge work services. No matter what lakeside services you need for your business, the people to call are the contractors at Outback Construction.

Dock Construction

We’ll build a durable new dock for your park lake or commercial property. Our new docks will provide easy access to the lake or river to either fish off the dock or to go on the boat. Our dock construction experts in Omaha and Fremont will customize your new dock to match the existing landscape and to meet your needs. We can quickly construct a new dock to ensure that people can utilize the dock to its full potential. We service wood docks, and as the top dock construction contractor for Omaha’s park lakes,. we use only the best materials for your dock including:

  • Cedar
  • Treated Lumber
  • Composite Lumber

Seawall Construction

Concrete seawalls are a great way to protect your park lake or commercial property from erosion. Our seawalls are customizable to match the existing landscape and will protect your landscape for years and often decades to come. This will allow people to utilize the park or maintain your commercial property without worrying about erosion damage. In the long run, Omaha’s concrete seawall construction experts will save money since you will not need to pay for repairs to wooden and rock walls or constant water erosion control.

Barge Work

Our barge service has a variety of different waterfront uses. Some uses for our barge work services include:

  • Marinas
  • Lakes

We can service the hard-to-reach areas that other companies cannot reach. If you think that you are in need of our barge work service, contact Omaha’s concrete seawall and dock construction experts so that we can help create the waterfront landscape of your dreams. We have over 20 years of experience creating perfect landscapes in the Fremont and Omaha area.