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Boat Dock Repair

From wear and tear to storm damage

There are many reasons why boat dock repair may be required

Why boat dock repair

storm damage

Powerful storms, high winds, and heavy rainfall can cause significant damage to boat docks. This includes loose boards, broken pilings, warped sections, and structural failures. On the lakes around Omaha, we find boat dock repair is often necessary to restore safety and functionality.

Wear & Tear

Over time, constant exposure to water, sun, and weather conditions can lead to wear and tear on floating boat docks around Omaha. Fading paint, rotting wood, corroded hardware, and deteriorating materials can affect the stability and aesthetics of the dock, requiring repairs.

accidental damage

Accidents can occur, such as collisions with boats, watercraft, or debris. These incidents can result in broken or dislodged sections, damaged support systems, or bent metal components. As the top boat dock repair company in the Omaha area, we know it is essential to address and rectify such accidental damage as soon as possible.

Aging & Structural Integrity

As boat docks age, they may experience a decline in structural integrity. This can manifest as sagging or leaning sections, weakened pilings, or compromised joints. Timely repair and maintenance are necessary to prevent further deterioration and ensure the safety of the dock. Or it may be time to replace your moorings in Omaha with new dock construction from OutBack.

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Annual Storm-Related Property Damage

Each year, storms in Nebraska bring about significant property damage, with an average estimated cost of $200 million. These storms, which can include severe thunderstorms, hailstorms, and tornadoes, pose a threat to homes, boats, floating docks, and infrastructure throughout the state. From roof damage and broken windows to structural issues and water intrusion, storm-related damage to your floating dock in Omaha requires timely repair to restore the affected properties and ensure your safety and well-being.

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Number of Severe Thunderstorm Warnings Issued Annually

Nebraska experiences a substantial number of severe thunderstorms each year, resulting in over 600 severe thunderstorm warnings on average. These warnings are issued by meteorological authorities to alert residents about the imminent threat of severe weather conditions, including strong winds, heavy rain, hail, and lightning. Such warnings serve as crucial reminders for individuals to take necessary precautions, secure their watercraft, and stay safe until the storm passes. Being prepared and seeking prompt storm damage boat dock repair services from Omaha’s OutBack Marine Construction can help mitigate the potential impacts of these intense weather events.

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Average Annual Tornado Count

Tornadoes are a common occurrence in Nebraska, with an average annual count of 56 tornadoes based on historical data. These powerful and destructive storms can cause extensive damage to buildings, lakefront landscapes, and boat docks in the Omaha area. Tornadoes often strike with little warning, making it essential for individuals and communities to have plans in place to seek shelter and protect themselves during tornado warnings. Following a tornado, diligent assessment and repair of storm damage are crucial to restoring affected areas and rebuilding resilient communities.

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There are many reasons why boat dock repair may be required. It may be as simple as normal wear and tear or could be in the aftermath of a severe storm in the Fremont and Omaha areas. Summer storms can cause damage to boat docks requiring boat dock repair in Omaha. If you notice that your boat dock needs repair, Omaha’s premier marine construction company is here to save the day! Reach out to us as soon as possible so that no one gets hurt as a result of the broken boat dock.

Omaha Marine Construction: Lakefront & Waterfront Landscapes

We can use a variety of materials to build your deck

OUR materials


Outback Construction offers composite boat dock decking to Omaha homeowners in three beautiful colors, providing you with a range of options to suit your style and preferences. Composite decking combines the natural look of wood with the benefits of modern technology. It offers exceptional durability, resistance to rot, warping, and insect damage, and requires minimal maintenance. With our composite boat dock decking, you can enjoy the beauty of a wood-like appearance without the hassles of regular staining or sealing.


For those seeking a classic and natural look on their new dock construction project in Omaha, our cedar boat dock decking is an excellent choice. Cedar wood is renowned for its beauty, warmth, and distinctive aroma. It adds a touch of elegance and charm to any outdoor setting. Cedar decking not only enhances the aesthetics of your boat dock but also offers natural resistance to decay, insects, and moisture. With proper care and maintenance, cedar boat docks can stand the test of time, providing a comfortable and inviting space for you to relax and entertain.

treated lumber

Outback Construction also offers treated lumber decking, a popular and cost-effective option. Treated lumber is specially treated with preservatives to resist rot, decay, and insect damage. It provides a sturdy and reliable foundation for your new boat dock construction, ensuring long-lasting performance. Treated lumber decking offers versatility and is suitable for various design styles. With regular maintenance and proper sealing, treated lumber decking can withstand the elements and provide you with a durable and functional outdoor space for years to come.